Fix broken zippers in seconds!

ZlideOn is an innovative yet superbly simple products which solves the age-old problem of broken zip fasteners. No longer do you have to go through the expensive procedure of replacing a broken zip with an entirely new one.With ZlideOn you simply remove the broken slider with pliers and clip the ZlideOn into its place, leaving you with a fully-functional zipper.

ZlideOn can be used on all models of zip fasteners including metal, nylon and plastic. It works on any application, from clothes and bags to tents, furniture covers and military wear. In just 3 easy steps you can give new life to your existing belongings without the hassle and cost of fitting a new zip!

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Privacy Policy - 2018-05-25

We are careful with your personal integrity

We at Zip Clip Solutions protect you as a customer, which means, among other things, that we handle your personal information in a manner that considers your integrity

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Zlideon growing - 2014-12-02

We are now in almost every countrie and still groowing!! Our family packs doing succes in web sales and on Tv-Shops.!!!

New markets - 2014-12-02

We have a new distributur in Grönland/Island/and Åland.

We will also warn you all about bad copys of ZlideOn, they called them instant zipper and Fix a zipper, they stoled it from our patent in all markets, we are working hard to take them of the market!!



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